"Hello there and thanks for checking out this page. I've been using a number of programs that have allowed my team and I not only to create viral content but also, to monetize said content and build a thriving online business. 

Without these, this blog and my marketing agency - FunnelGal - would definitely not be one of the fastest growing media companies in the world today.

If you're just starting out or need a bit of help to truly grow your existing business like gangbusters, these tools will definitely help you. 

As such, I've created this list of resources that I personally use and highly recommend. When used properly, these resources will have a significant impact on the way you architect your business."
Clickfunnels was a game-changer in my business. Honestly, I have to thank Clickfunnels for a LOT because it has not only helped me monetize my own content but learn how to build funnels for clients and with it, build up a multiple 5-figure income each month. 

Since its inception in 2014, it has made it SO easy to make products available to my audience. It not only gives you the tools you need but is a software company that teaches you how to grow your business to six, seven figures and beyond. 

It is the ONLY company out there designed to create millionaires and has done so to the tune of several hundreds of companies.

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This is the email automation program that I trust to help me serve my blog audience in the best way possible.

The functionalities inside of ActiveCampaign are seemingly endless and it's making it so easy for my team and I to serve my tribe in a very customized way.

How do we do that? By segmenting campaigns, automating email sequences, organizing people on my list by activity and have a more intimate experience with my growing customer base.

Active Campaign allows for all of these functionalities
and more – including a very easy integration to Clickfunnels!
If you struggle with writing copy or have not grown to a size
where you can hire an in-house copywriter, Funnel Scripts will be a game-changer in your business. 

It has a huge database of templates for different video scripts, sales pages, email newsletters, ad copies, webinar scripts, funnels and so much more.

It's as easy to use as a fill-in-the-blank game. You simply add in what the software asks of you and an entire script is generated for you – using all of the proven strategies that world class copywriters use.
Deadline funnels has been the key in turning our funnels evergreen for true passive income functionality.

One of the things that is important and helps somebody makes a decision is adding some urgency. 

With deadline funnels, you can create customized funnel experiences for each user that is going through one of your funnels. How cool is that?

And not only that! It has also increased our overall conversions so sales have looked even better now than ever before. And yes, you can too integrate this with Clickfunnels :).
Tubebuddy is the program my team and I utilize to optimize our Youtube videos. We consistently recommend this tool to our clients as well because it is that good.

 We trust Tubebuddy (as opposed to another, similar software) because it is the only one certified by YouTube to work directly within the platform. 

It shows you what keywords your audience is searching for, recommends keywords to use to improve ranking and allows you to bulk schedule, create templates, shortcut your analytics and so much more.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use and if you're planning on using Youtube as one of the premier media platforms to drive traffic from, you need this!
Teachable is one of the premier platforms out there currently to host your online course from.

The reason why I prefer to host my courses on Teachable and why I am transitioning to hosting my current courses on Teachable as well is because it's a gamified course membership area.

This membership area actually supports students and helps them get through a course much faster. 
Watch the free workshop and see how Teachable can help you create a passive income stream through course sales for your own business. 
“There are million dollar tips inside these books."
If you want to successfully be making money online and create a thriving business for yourself, 
you’ve got to know these books inside and out.
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