"Freedom In Your Business Comes
From Working ON Your Business 
- As Opposed To Working 
IN Your Business. You Deserve 
To Feel Free & Fulfilled."
"Freedom In Your Business Comes From Working ON Your Business - As Opposed To Working IN Your Business. You Deserve To Feel Free & Fulfilled."
With Cornelia Pauline.
There is a time in your life and in your business, were a coach and mentor can help you get unstuck. 

Often times when we work in our businesses, we are so involved with the day to day tasks that we forget to work on our business.

Or, if we are still following a 9-5 and our blossoming business is a passionate side hustle, we are unsure of when to take the plunge and quit our secure job. 

Maybe we need to increase revenue first to replace our regular income? Maybe we need to learn how to put on those big-girl pants to take the leap? Maybe we need someone to teach us how we can give ourselves permission and make the change happen.

Whatever it is and from my own personal experience, I know that having someone there by your side that is supporting and guiding you along the way, can make a world of difference.

Having a coach doesn’t mean that he or she will take over and do the work for you. 

You can see a coach more as someone that can see the big vision, the big picture, your ultimate potential and that is there as a guide for you to step into your boldest version of yourself! 

Yes, the road to getting there might be scary and you might have a thousand questions. 

But this is exactly where I come in.
I’m not only your best business friend but I’m also your greatest supporter! 

What does CPP stand for?
CPP is my signature, proprietary framework of how we approach our work together. To visualize this better, it looks a bit like this:
Over the past 7 years in business and while turning $5 gigs on Fiverr into high-ticket $15,000 service packages (!) that I sold to scale my business passed the 6-figure mark, I’ve been there, done that.

I’ve realized that my passion has shifted from initially servicing marketing clients as a funnel expert to helping predominantly service-based businesses - like yours - break through their blocks!

My deepest desire is to show you throughout the 90 days of this program how you can STOP working in your business (side hustle or not) and start working ON your business.
Why is it important to start working ON your business?

Everything you’re doing right now, your day to day activities, your mindset practices, your systems and progresses, create your business’s future!

All those things determine if you’re going to be overworked, stressed out, trading time for money and feeling “stuck” in your business…


If you’re going to feel free, radiantly confident in knowing exactly where you’re going, having enough time on your hand to spend with your kids or visit the newest luxury hotel on the Amalfi coast, etc. 

You’ve probably heard this one before but it rings so true:
Don’t be that person.
"Cornelia is someone who stands out amongst the midst of digital marketing guru wannabes. She's actually the real deal. She gets you real results, because she understands the fundamentals and has the foundations nailed down. After all, it's real relationships that you have to build behind the digital layer. She's also such a cool person. She has an amazing energy! Looking forward to working with her again in the near future!"
~ Rose Tablan from YourGoToFunnelNerd
"Cornelia delivers nothing but high class VALUE! She has taught me so much about funnel building and how to build my own agency. She offers amazing content and strategies to grow an online business and connecting with others! Thank you so much for everything I’ve learnt from you Cornelia!"
~ Sarah Stevenson 
Let me pull back the curtains...
And give you a better idea of the entire range of services that are included in the CPP Coaching Program:
  • An initial 90-minute Goal Setting Intensive, 90-Day action plan creation video call with Cornelia at the start of your program. 
  • ​60-minute Accountability and Coaching calls with Cornelia every other week. That’s a total of 6 calls.
  • ​Access to unlimited support and communication, Monday through Saturday, through email, Basecamp and/or Whats App. And yes, voice messages are included in this as well. You can be in touch with me DAILY (except for Sundays!). I want you to feel totally supported. 
  • ​FREE access to Cornelia’s ‘Rocket Launch Lab - How To Create & Launch A Digital Business’ program which is launching August, 17th (a $1,297 value).
  • ​FREE access to Cornelia’s ‘Content2Cash’ course which is re-opening September, 7th (a $1,297 value).
  • ​1 FREE monthly book per month (for a total of 3) that will be sent to you each month to read. These are the 3 books that have completely changed the game for Cornelia and her clients. It’s required reading during the 90-Day Coaching Period.
  • ​FREE access to Cornelia’s 6-Month Content Creation Planner. This planner is in Google Sheets and comes with an explainer video.
  • ​Specific, custom documents and materials tailored specifically to you & as needed to move you forward, faster without having to consume all the content, all the time.
Further Bonuses:
  • My ‘Metrics That Make All The Difference’ Calendar Tracking Sheet.
  • ​Monthly Business Performance Review (send to you through email at the end of each month).
"Funnels can be incredibly confusing to figure out. Cornelia makes it so simple to market your business and bring in new leads. I'm so glad to have her as a resource!"
~ Beth Brombozs from Brombozs Consulting LLC
"So delighted to get to know Cornelia aka the "Funnel Gal". She's such a fantastic marketing mentor who's been very helpful and sharing generously her knowledge and experiences with funnel building and marketing. No regrets working with her. Thanks Cornelia!
~ Desmond Loy, IT Professional 
What’s the investment of the CPP program?
Great that you’re asking this! That means you’re serious. 

The investment is a one-time fee of $7,000. Or, $2,500 per month, paid at the date you first decided to sign up for the coaching. 

Plus 10% of revenue that is generated during the 90 day program period and which is paid on a monthly basis. I’m not here to charge you $10,000. I’m here to help you make much more than that each month.
How do I apply for this?
I only accept a limited number of people into this program. 
This is no sales gimmick. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense.

Since this program is so high-level, I want to make sure to 1000% dedicate myself to each and every single one of my mentees. So yes, you will have quite a lot of one-on-one access to me. 

I also turn a lot of people away because to make sure that I can facilitate the transformation for you that you are seeking, I need to make sure you are the right person for this program. Cool :)?

I’m glad we got this out of the way. 
So, if you’re ready to hop on a call with me to apply (and yes, applications are only accepted after an initial Discovery call), you can do so here:
[A] Why do you offer only 2, 60-minute coaching calls per month?
I’ve found that having a coaching call each week turns out to actually hinder your growth! Why? Because you’re going to leave each coaching call with action steps and homework to implement. Often times, one week to execute with all your other responsibilities is not enough. Hence, I’ve found the perfect duration to check in with you to be every other week. And for the rest of the time, we’re going to be communicating through Email, on Slack and/or Whats App.
[B] Do you offer any refunds?
If you’re already thinking about having the possibility to get a refund, I don’t think we’re the right fit for each other. I exclusively want to work with clients that are 1000% committed. Offering you a refund, gives you a way out in my opinion. If you truly want to facilitate change, I want to create an environment where you have NO other option. Literally. 

Also, nobody said that this was going to be easy. I’m going to challenge you and at times, you’re going to have to push yourself. Again, no easy way out. Let’s make this happen!
[C] Do I have to be an experienced business owner or, what level in business do I ideally want to be in?
This program and my framework has worked for both, people who have already started their side hustle but were still in their 9-5 AND full-time business owners whose goal was it to still break through the 6-figure revenue mark. 

In short and a more important questions might be, what is the level of your commitment to making change happen?! Are you ready to put in the work? Are you teachable and coachable? If your answer is, “Yes!” to all of these questions, you are a great fit for this program!
[D] Who is this program NOT for?
If you’re an entrepreneur and/or business owner that is making more than 7 figures per year, this program is not for you. I’ve got a different program for you. Email me if you’re interested and would like more information: management@corneliapauline.com

Note: This program is NOT for people who think that a coach or mentor is doing the work for them. It is not for people who expect things to ‘just happen to them’. It is not for people who have a negative attitude towards life. It is not for people are not teachable and think they know everything better. Yes, these people exist and I will not work with you if that is you. So, please don’t apply.
"Cornelia is THE "Funnel Gal!" She is very knowledgeable about social media, marketing online, business and generating revenue online through funnels. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to grow their online presence online and build and execute converting and profitable funnels."
~ Connie Pak from TuckdinMarketing
"Cornelia is one of the very few online professionals who is constantly adding value. Her professionalism and follow up are second to none. She is always positive and encouraging and with each post comes more high quality value. I am extremely grateful to not only have oyu as a mentor but as a friend."
~ Mario Arace from ElevateOthers
The Difference...
What’s the difference between working with me then with any other business mentor and coach out there? Or, the not-so-formal biography:
In short, I don’t only talk the talk but I have - and am walking - the walk as the owner of FunnelGal.

From my diverse cultural background of growing up in Vienna, Austria; living in Seoul, South Korea during college and now, in the U.S. for these past 11 years... 

To my degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of California, Irvine...

To working as a professional commercial model throughout college and even being featured in Vogue Magazine...

To creating and selling a commercial photography & videography business here in California...

To building up a 6-figure online marketing agency while traveling the world with my hubby and our 2 dogs.

Whichever one of my past experiences you pick and want to learn more about, let me tell you that it creates one high-vibe and vibrant business mentor for you, you've never experienced before ;).

My approach to business as well as life is a holistic one. 

I strive to constantly excel and get better at in all areas - mindset, business, relationships, daily habits, finances -because only if we feel like we steadily improve in all areas of life, are we fully satisfied inside our business too.

Let me help you turn your business around and teach you the framework that has helped numerous clients & students of mine build multiple 6-figure online businesses. 

Happy businesses - that is :)!
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