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We Help Impact-Driven Businesses Grow Their Audience, Presence & Revenue Online.
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To be honest, there are too many loud 'marketing bros' as you call them, and marketing agencies that don't deliver on their promises in this digital marketing space. Our young and innovative team at FunnelGal is set out to change this.

With us, you won't get 'ordinary' strategies. We take a fresh, bold, refined, and creative approach to the online space. Above all, we're hyper-focused on performance delivery and sustainable, long-term results for our clients and students.

Not only that, our specialty in this space is that we help particularly German-speaking companies + brands (throughout Switzerland, Austria, and Germany) ignite their digital marketing with the - what we call - "American spirit" & prepare them to penetrate + scale up the U.S.A. market in particular.

How so? Our digital marketing agency is unique in that that it was founded in Orange County, California back in 2016, and is incorporated in Wyoming, USA, with its very own branch in Zug, Switzerland. We know both the German-speaking market, as well as the U.S.A. one, like the back of our hands, and are bilingual in both German and English.

We can't wait to serve you and help you serve your clients to the highest standard. Let's do this!

We strategize, plan, and implement conversion-focused branding & sales funnels for impact-driven businesses we care about.
A Holistic Digital Marketing Agency, Focused on Creating Custom, Conversion-Optimized Funnels.
The right digital
marketing strategy to us is:

{This is where we're connecting the dots for you.}

Value Ladder Conceptualization
Sales Funnel Type Matching
Funnel Strategy Mapping
Product/Idea Validation
Existing Funnel Review Audit
Funnel Concept Development
Digital Marketing Branding Strategy

{This is where we do 'all that tech stuff' aka implementation.}

Funnel Design, Implementation + Copy
Paid Advertisement Set up + Copy
Email Marketing Set Up + Copy
Content Creation Set Up + Copy

We specialize in Clickfunnels & Builderall. If you don't have a funnel building software yet, you can get a FREE 14-day trial here to either.

{This is where we increase your revenue and visibility.}

Paid Advertisement Campaign Creations (FB, IG, Yahoo, Reddit, Youtube)
Influencer Marketing
Social Media Strategy Consultation
Content Writing (Emails, Blog Posts, etc.)
Facebook Groups Management 

2 main things our clients have in common:

(1) They have a real passion and honest desire to positively transform the lives of their target audience through impactful online service offerings, physical eCommerce and/or digital products, SaaS innovations and most importantly, a kind heart.

(2) They are established businesses that are making a minimum of $15,000  up to $1,000,000 per month in business revenue and are looking for strategy creation, existing digital marketing optimization and/or disruption by funnel professionals such as us. 
Side Note: If you're just getting started in your business and you haven't quite hit that 5-figure/month in revenue but want to get started building out your lead, marketing and funnel systems, go check out our FREE 7-Day DIY Funnel Challenge here.
Companies We Work With
Bold digital Strategy. 
one voice at a time.

Our Focus Is on helping you Systematize your Digital Marketing Strategy so That you can Do More Of What You Love.
Experience Our Magic.

A Note From Our CEO, Cornelia Pauline

Known as THE Funnel Gal, Cornelia is not only a passionate digital marketer, entrepreneur, and investor but also a writer at heart with a love for stories in all forms.

At its core, the funnel you're creating for your business and putting out there into the online world... Is the 'story journey' you're sending your customer on - from discovery to exploration, reflection, realization, and finally, connection (aka, 'the sale').

It's through this adventure that they not only get to know about your brand, but also how you're serving them, solving their problem, and more. 

In short, if done right, the right funnel can create raving fans for your business while growing it exponentially.

My name is Cornelia Pauline and I started my digital marketing journey back in 2014 after realizing that corporate America just wasn't for me.

Throughout university and while working towards a degree in Diplomacy and International Business, I've worked as a professional, commercial model teaching me a TON about branding and product sales.

After several internships at startups and venture capital firms in both South Korea and then, California, I lost my heart to entrepreneurship.

After a short dip into the corporate world as an operations manager at AON, I decided to quickly take control over my career and create the ideal professional lifestyle for myself and my family - which I found in digital marketing.

Since then, I've built three online companies, from product photography businesses to videography branding, online education, and e-commerce. My current venture, FunnelGal, is about helping tired business owners stop feeling overwhelmed by their online marketing efforts and create a holistic strategy (plus implementing it) that will serve my clients in a big way.

Currently, my Espresso-and-Chocolate-addicted-self is living in Switzerland with my husband, my son, Cosmo, and our two dogs.

My international team and I are looking forward to serving you, so don't be afraid to reach out if you have any questions! 
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We speak both English and German fluently.
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