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Fueling GROWTH for impact-driven businesses in the DACH region and the USA by supercharging online sales, engaging audiences, and generating interest + income rapidly!


In a world where the digital marketing landscape is dominated by loud 'marketing bros' and agencies that fail to deliver on their promises, a young, innovative, and global team at FunnelGal is on a mission to rewrite the narrative.

Imagine partnering with a team that goes beyond the ordinary, crafting fresh, bold, and creatively refined strategies tailored to the ever-changing online space. Our commitment to performance delivery and sustainable, long-term results is unwavering, ensuring that our clients and students thrive in the digital world.

But what sets FunnelGal apart? Our unique specialty lies in empowering German-speaking companies and brands across Switzerland, Austria, and Germany to ignite their digital marketing with what we fondly call the "American spirit."

Our expertise paves the way for these businesses to penetrate and scale up in the highly competitive U.S. market, providing them with the tools they need to make a lasting impact.


While we take pride in being a truly location-independent agency at the cutting edge of the evolving global workforce, we are incorporated and maintain bases in Wyoming, USA, and Zug, Switzerland.

Our owner-managed agency boasts a leading team that is fluent in both German and English. With deep expertise in the US and DACH markets, we are uniquely positioned to understand and navigate these regions effectively.

Why The Name FunnelGal?
At the heart of our mission lies an unwavering passion: 
to support women in every way possible. But, more importantly, moms.

That's why a whopping 80% of our workforce is made up of hard-working, dedicated mothers. And it's no wonder why we think moms are the best workers by far. They are the true masters of juggling a million tasks, navigating complex emotions, displaying unparalleled patience, negotiating with finesse, unleashing endless creativity, and pushing through even when the going gets tough. All skills that are vital when navigating the digital marketing and branding space. Let's face it - nobody can do it quite like moms can. Period.

Not only that, we donate 5% of all of our net profits to the following charities:

Mothers Refuge - Https://Mothersrefuge.Org/;
Mothers2Mothers - Https://M2m.Org/;
MothersWithoutBorders - Https://Motherswithoutborders.Org/;
The right digital
marketing strategy to us is:

{This is where we're connecting the dots for you.}

Value Ladder Conceptualization
Sales Funnel Type Matching
Funnel Strategy Mapping
Product/Idea Validation
Existing Funnel Review Audit
Funnel Concept Development
Digital Marketing Branding Strategy

{This is where we do 'all that tech stuff' aka implementation.}

Funnel Design, Implementation + Copy
Paid Advertisement Set up + Copy
Email Marketing Set Up + Copy
Content Creation Set Up + Copy

We specialize in Clickfunnels & Builderall. If you don't have a funnel building software yet, you can get a FREE 14-day trial here to either.

{This is where we increase your revenue and visibility.}

Paid Advertisement Campaign Creations (FB, IG, Yahoo, Reddit, Youtube)
Influencer Marketing
Social Media Strategy Consultation
Content Writing (Emails, Blog Posts, etc.)
Facebook Groups Management 

2 main things our clients have in common:

(1) They have a real passion and honest desire to positively transform the lives of their target audience through impactful online service offerings, physical eCommerce and/or digital products, SaaS innovations and most importantly, a kind heart.

(2) They are established businesses that are making a minimum of $15,000  up to $1,000,000 per month in business revenue and are looking for strategy creation, existing digital marketing optimization and/or disruption by funnel professionals such as us. 
Side Note: If you're just getting started in your business and you haven't quite hit that 5-figure/month in revenue but want to get started building out your lead, marketing and funnel systems, go check out our FREE 7-Day DIY Funnel Challenge here.
Companies We Work With
Bold digital Strategy. 
one voice at a time.

Our Focus Is on helping you Systematize your Digital Marketing Strategy so That you can Do More Of What You Love.
Experience Our Magic.

A Note From Our CEO, Cornelia Pauline


As a native Viennese who's spent half her life in the USA, I'm a proud mom of two wonderful boys, married to my high-school sweetheart for 16 years, coffee aficionado, travel enthusiast, and global citizen with roots in Switzerland, Vienna, and California.

FunnelGal was born from my personal quest to create a consistent and automated lead and customer generation system for my previous business.

There are three key drivers for business growth:

1) Finding new customers consistently.

2) Raising your prices.

3) Selling to existing customers repeatedly.

A well-crafted, sustainable, and customized funnel network can help you achieve two of these three objectives.

My team and I are dedicated to humanizing marketing for your business through a blend of storytelling and strategic methods. Armed with our expertise and your exceptional product or service, we're ready to skyrocket the growth of your online business!
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We speak both English and German fluently.
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